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Megan Holeman, born in Lubbock, Texas, began training in dance at the age of three. Growing up, Megan attended dance competitions & conventions, as well as learning to play the piano & violin. At the age of fourteen, Megan developed a love for choreographing & teaching dance when she was tasked with leading a hip-hop class & setting a piece on thirty middle-schoolers. She continued to teach & choreograph at her local studio throughout her high school career!

After graduating high school, Megan moved to New York City to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) Dance Theatre Conservatory, where she began training in vocal performance & acting. She graduated with her Professional Certificate in 2021. That same year, Megan moved to Los Angeles to attend AMDA's College of Performing Arts, where she also studied filmmaking, songwriting, & music production. In 2022, Megan graduated with her BFA in Performing Arts, with a concentration in Dance Theatre. Megan reflects on her time at AMDA and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to train on both coasts & work with a number of incredible artists: Stephanie Landwehr, Justine Menter, Lyrik Cruz, Hector Guerrero, Genevieve Carson, Lars Rosager, Ramon Galindo, & more. 

Megan is currently located in Los Angeles, where she is a member of Lume Dance Collective (contemporary-fusion dance company directed by Monika Felice Smith & MaryAnn Chavez), in which she takes part in monthly visual projects. Megan's most recent venture was performing in The Lincolns of Springfield, directed by Terrence L. Cranert and choreographed by Maria Del Bagno. Megan is trained in a variety of styles: ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary/lyrical, modern, hip-hop, musical theatre, heels, ballroom, & acrobatics. Megan is a firm believer that movement- in any form -is the strongest form of expression & communication. She has discovered a way to express & communicate in her most authentic way & is looking forward to continue sharing that with the world in a professional manner. She is eager to do so on stage or in front of a camera- dancing backup to Taylor Swift, in Hozier's next music video, or in the national/international tour of a hit Broadway musical. Wherever the movement takes her, she will be there with an open heart & mind, ready to soak up & be inspired by other's artistry & (together) create magic that this world cannot ignore. 


When Megan isn't training or auditioning, you can find her playing the guitar or piano, teaching a Pure Barre fitness class, grabbing a coffee from Priscilla's in Burbank, or hanging out with her closest pals. 

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