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PERFORMED BY: Katherine Callazzo, Annie Celico, Mikayla Kuphal

MUSIC: "The Seasons: 4. Spring" by John Cage and Herbert Henck

Attached is an excerpt from "Train of Thought", a short piece produced by AMDA's Dance Theatre Conservatory in New York City. Megan felt inspired by the 1 Train. She felt inspired by the awkward glances between strangers, the crossing of legs, the thumbs typing furiously on smart phones. In a city of millions of people, somehow we could be led to sit in a subway car with ten, twenty, or thirty strangers- all of us traveling from point A to point B, all of our minds on a million different things...or possibly a million of the same things. This strange, complex ordeal led Megan to develop "Train of Thought". She wanted to explore how strangers could be joined in one confined space, thinking about having to get up at 4am the next morning to make it to work on time, or how they wouldn't make rent next month, or how they could finally take a trip Upstate to visit their family. She wanted to explore how strangers can have completely different thoughts, though sometimes...their thought processes might reflect one another. How often do you think it happens when we're thinking the same thing as the stranger sitting across from us? Maybe we both just fell in love. Maybe we both just thought of our fathers. You never know. It's a simple- yet strange -concept, and it was a treat for Megan to explore with her dancers. She employed a great deal of pedestrian movement, largely inspired by Pina Bausch's "Café Müller". Her goal was to create a seemingly plain and boring landscape (black and gray costuming in a small blackbox theatre with plain black chairs) and invigorate it with eccentric, satirical movement. Megan hopes to explore this opposition in relation to this entire construct in the future. She can picture an evening-length work consisting of fifteen or twenty dancers, with the inclusion of dialogue and an original score.

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